Agriculture Minister Walks Out of BA Against Awaran Operation

The Baloch Hal News

QUETTA: Provincial Ministers belonging to the Balochistan National Party (BNP-Awami) staged a walk out from the provincial Assembly session over what they termed as a “massive operation in Awaran district by security forces without taking the provincial government in confidence. They claimed that the massive operation was launched on the order of Interior Minister, Mr. Rehman Malik.

The Balochistan National Party Awami is a key coalition partner of Nawab Aslam Raisani-led Balochistan government with six ministries in the provincial cabinet. BNP-A’ chief Senator Israr Baloch is the federal minister for postal affairs.

On a point of order, Minister for Agriculture, Asad Baloch alleged that security forces have been carrying out massive search operations and undertaking air strikes in Mashkay Tehsil of Awaran district for the past two days in order to kill the Dr Allah Nazar, a nationalist guerrilla leader who is supposed to be leading insurgency in Mekran and Khuzdar divisions.

“Many people have been rounded up and several suffered injuries but media has no access in those areas so that they could highlight the issue,” charged the enraged BNP minister.

Speaker Aslam Bhootani has asked the Minister to take up the issue in the Cabinet meetings because being a Minister he can not complain in the House regarding its own government.

However, the Minister, who is also Secretary General of BNP-Awami, continued his speech despite Speaker repeatedly reminding him that he can not make any complains because he is himself a part of Government.

Responding to Speaker, Mr. Baloch said that we are 55 ministers and approximately all the members of assembly are part of the Cabinet and there is no opposition in Balochistan. Hence we, the ministers, should be allowed to raise the major issue in Balochistan Assembly because Federal Government is ignorant of the critical issues of this province.

“No one is ready to hear the voice of Balochistan assembly and provincial government therefore we just want to highlight the issue in media,” he said