BFD-WPF Congratulate Balochistan Assembly

The Baloch Hal News

QUETTA: Balochistan Foundation for Development (BFD) and World Population Foundation (WPF) congratulated members of Balochistan assembly for tabling a resolution regarding Preventable Maternal Mortality and Morbidity and Human Rights (Safe Matherhood).

According to press release issued here on Monday, BFD and WPF spokesmen said that the resolution will bring about policy changes to alleviate the plight of thousands of suffering mothers in Balochistan.

The issue of maternal deaths is matter of great concern in Pakistan. The maternal mortality rate (MMR) in Pakistan stands at 256 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births and it is estimated that one woman loses her life due to reproductive health complications after every 30 minutes. The situation is all more alarming in Balochistan where the MMR stands at 856 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. In view of this bleak situation, Balochistan foundation for Development (BFD) advocated strongly for the passing of the resolution.

They hoped that the assembly members will make all-out efforts to ensure the implementation on the resolution in the province in order to reduce the mortality rate during the pregnancy.