Anjuam Ittehad-e- Marri Renamed as Baloch National Voice

The Baloch Hal News

QUETTA: The Anjuman-e-Ittehad-e-Marri has decided to rename itself as the Baloch National Voice (BNV) in an effort to continue its “unconditional support” to the ongoing Baloch armed movement at national and international levels, said a statement issued here on Thursday.

The Anjuman staunchly supports the idea of an independent Balochistan, backs the armed movement and sees Nawab Khair Baksh Marri, the veteran Baloch nationalist leader, as its visionary source of inspiration and guidance.

The policy statement issued here the other day said that the Anjuman had decided to change its name in the wake of unfolding developments in Balochistan under which Baloch youths were being kidnapped regularly, tortured and subsequently murdered.

The statement rejected the idea of parliamentary politics and urged the need for all Balochs to strive one a “one-point agenda” of supporting the idea of an independent Balochistan and offering unconditional political, moral and economic support to the Baloch fighters what it calls the sarmachars.

The organization has vowed to “expose” the injustices being committed to the Baloch people by the security forces.

The statement said a change in the name of the organization would not necessarily lead to any kind of modifications in their previously stated policy and mission.

The Anjuman had to face criticism in the past from different Baloch nationalist parties which accused it because of its name of being loyal only to one tribe rather than representing Balochs living all over the world.

” The decision was made by taking the central and zonal leadership into confidence,” said the statement, ” we are going through a time when throwing away of Baloch prisoners’ dead bodies by the enemy is on the peak.”