Senator Buledai Condemns Killing of Qamabar, Ilyas

The Baloch Hal News

QUETTA: A Baloch senator from Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F), Mohammad Ismail Buledai, has condemned the killings of a Baloch activist Qambar Chakar and journalist Ilyas Nazar whose bullet-riddled bodies were found in Turbat area yesterday.

In a statement issue here, Senator Buledi has condemned the killings in strongest terms saying that such incidents would further create hatred among the people towards the state.

“If someone has committed anything against the law, they should be produced before a court of law. Kidnapping people away, and then throwing their bullet riddled bodies in desolate places is an inhumane act,” said the Senator in the statement.

Senator Buledi called on the government to take serious notice of the killings and investigate into the matter. We demand of the government to call an All-Parties Conference on Balochistan and resolve the issue, he said.

Bullet-riddled bodies of Qambar Chakar, a senior Baloch Student’s Organization (BSO) leader, and Ilyas Nazar, a magazine journalist, were found in Turbat on Wednesday. Family members allege security forces are behind the killings.

Earlier, leaders of another faction of the JUI, Sami-ul-Haq group, had demanded of the government to stop the military operation in the province, recover the missing persons and redress all injustices against Baloch. In a seminar organized by the religious party in Quetta, the leaders stressed upon the need to stop injustices committed to Balochistan.