Insecure Hindus in Balochistan Decide not to Celebrate Holi in Protest

The Baloch Hal News

KALAT: Hindus in Balochistan have decided not to celebrate their  upcoming religious festival of Holi in protest against government’s failure to recover a kidnapped prominent religious leader of the community who was abducted two and half months ago.

Hindus also cited the killing of senior Balochistan National Party leader and scion of the Khan of Kalat family, Agha Mehmood Ahmadzai, as another reason for not celebrating the festival of colors which is being marked at the end of this week.

The decision was made in Kalat during a meeting of the Hindu Panchayat which was headed by Dewan Hari Chand, the community organization’s president who said the government had failed to fulfill its promises to provide protection to the Hindus living in Balochistan. He complained that two and half months had passed but authorities had not succeeded in recovering the missing Hindu spiritual leader which had triggered a sense of insecurity among them.

“We can’t  celebrate Holi, a day of happiness, with our spiritual leader missing and the Khan Kalat family mourning over the killing of Agha Mehmood. We’dlike to express our solidarity with the people of Balochistan at this critical juncture,” he added.