Balochistan Marks 84th Birthday of Nawab Khair Baksh Marri

The Baloch Hal News

QUETTA: Ceremonies were held across Balochistan, including the provincial capital Quetta, on Wednesday to mark the 84th birthday of veteran Baloch nationalist leader, Nawab Khair BakhshMarri.
The ceremony was organized by Baloch National Voice to pay tribute to Nawab Marri who has been struggling for the emancipation of Baloch nation.
Baloch nationalist leaders paid glowing tributes to Mr. Marri whose son Balach Marri was killed some years back while resisting the Pakistani forces while another son of his, Nawabzada Hairbayar Marri, based in London, continues to lead the movement seeking an independent Balochistan.

Speakers at different receptions said that the philosophy of independence was the real destiny of Baloch struggle. “The struggle of Baloch nation for an independent Balochistan and its recognition at international level is the result of sacrifices rendered by Sardar Marri and other Baloch
youth,” they remarked.
They said that Baloch nation would never forget atrocities and excesses meted out to them nor any trick or double standard could befool them.
Terming the national unity inevitable and need of the hour, they appealed pro-independent Balochs to shun their personal egos, likes and dislikes and scarify their personal interests for the sake of independence of Balochistan and become unite at one point of Balochistan independence.
At the end of ceremony, special prayers were offered for long life of Sardar Khair Bakhsh Marri his good heath and independence of Balochistan.