Former Governor Qadir Says Situation in Balochistan Critical

The Baloch Hal News

KHARAN: Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Nawaz) leader and Member of the National Assembly General (Retired) Abdul Qadir Baloch has said the situation in Balochistan is critical as government has miserly failed to ensure security to the masses.

Condemning the recovery of bullet-riddled dead bodies of Baloch missing person, he asserted that mutilated dead bodies are the continuation of blunders on part of the government and establishment.

Talking to journalist here at Kharan Press Club on Friday, Abdul Qadir Baloch demanded of the government to change its policies towards Balochistan and move beyond meaningless apologies. “Mere seeking apologies will not heal the wounds of Baloch people,” he remarked and adding that rulers had failed to honour their commitments to Balochistan.

Mr. Baloch who also remained governor of Balochistan was of the view that Balochistan issue is purely a political and there is absolutely no military solution to it.