The Disabled Children of Balochistan

By Yousaf Ajab Baloch

The pain of disable children becomes immeasurable when they see children of their ages laughing, playing, reading, and writing and running. These children’s parents even go through worse and deeper anguish when they see their children unable to function like normal kids.

I can never forget the questions of Mr.Yaqoob 48, when I went to meet his two disable children Ghulam Farooq 20, and Sajida Bibi 16. His daughter and son both are not only disabled but also mentally abnormal. Neither they can move nor able to eat and talk. Mr. Yaqoob is a daily wage worker. He says that his son was born normally but at the age of 2 years he became disabled of his legs and hands. Later on he became abnormal mentally. He was too poor to provide them medical treatment.

“His sister used to take care of his brother but, after five years, she also became like him” says Yaqoob.

Mr. Dilawar Khan 4, and Muhammad Asif 6, are sons of Mr. Skindar, He has only two sons and both are disabled from the birth. Their father is unable to get them treated. Mr. Skindar is a poor man and he cannot afford their treatment to make them able enough to walk and help his father in old age.
“I want to get them treated with the help of surgery but cannot do so and I am worried about their future how they will pass their life. They will always remain dependent and this worries me “said their father.

I met Jam Muhammad 40, who lives in Kalat District with his two disabled children, both are unable to walk. Jan Muhammad has three children. His elder child Muhammad Ibrar 12, and Bibi Asia 10, Cannot walk. Muhammad has taken his children several times to various doctors. However, no treatment has proved worthwhile. Jan, fears for his children about their disability, education and, above all, their entire future.

Sixteen-year old Khair Bibi, is an orphan girl living with her grandparents. She belongs to a very poor family. She is disabled since her birth. Being poor her parents could not get her checked up. Now because of her disability, and poor grandparents she lacks hygiene practices, the lack of hygiene practices have caused poor health of hers.

According to the leading members of Human Prosperity Organization (H.P.O) Mr.Zahoor Baloch and prominent social activist Agha Jangeer Ahmadzai, there are more than two hundred disabled children only in the district of Kalat, who need special care and treatment. The social activists of HPO, a Balochistan-based organization, say they are collecting data of disable children and want to establish Care Centers to educate them and develop their skills.

International organizations utilize millions of dollars on the welfare of children, mainly, United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) which runs hundreds of projects for the welfare of children. The UNICEF should also pay attention to the plight of disabled children in Balochistan. If the UN organizations pay attention to these special children, there can be great change in the lives of these dependent children.

Children’s disability comes with a number of other problems and challenges. As luck would have it, societies do not comfortably accept and accommodate them because of their disability.

These children are not provided ample opportunities to play a constructive role just like the normal children. There is a dire need for the society and organizations working for children’s welfare to take ownership to work collectively for a better future for these children. International organization need to work for the welfare of disabled children. UNICEF needs to establish special centers to educate and enhance the skills of disable children inside Balochistan. The disabled community can play a remarkable role in the development of the society if they are empowered and offered equal opportunities of studies and skill development.

Yousaf Ajab is a Staff Member at The Baloch Hal. To read more articles by this author, please click here