B.S.O.’s Council Session in Awaran Pledges Struggle for Independent Baloch State

The Baloch Hal News

AWARAN: The Baloch Students Organization (B.S.O-Azad) held its nineteenth National Council Session in Awaran District Balochistan.

The Council Session committed to continue the mission for an independent Baloch state. According to details, the session, which was convened for two continuous Days, discussed national and international political situation and their impact on the Baloch nation and the Baloch land.

The Council Session unanimously selected a new seven-member Central Cabinet of the organization.

The outgoing B.S.O Chairman said in his last speech that the BSO was a major institution of Baloch students and the newly elected members are lucky to be entrusted the responsibility of leadership of this prestigious historic intuition. The Baloch youths are lucky that they are having a political institution like the BSO. For the last 46 years, he added, thousands of Baloch students have received political education from the platform of BSO, andthousands others, including Hameed Baloch, MajeedBaloch, Chairman Ghulam Mohmmad Baloch, Hameed Shaheen, Fida Baloch,Qamber Chaker Baloch, and Sangat Sana Baloch have sacrificed their lives for the Baloch national struggle .

“There are many students, including Zakier Majeed Baloch who are facing extreme levels of hardship andtorture in illegal detention of Pakistan while thousands of our people are missing. Despite these hardships, the B.S.O. has produced visionary leaders like Dr.
Allah Nazar Baloch and Abdul Nabi Bangulzai who are playing an important role in the the movement of Baloch national struggle,” the B.S.O. Chairman said.

He said that that the Pakistani Establishment was running behind every member of the B.S.O in an effort to eliminate him because Islamabad views every Baloch young man as a potential threat to its colonial policies toward Balochistan.

“In fact, B.S.O has emerged as a strong political institute and it cannot easily be ruined by the Pakistani establishment,” he said, “Although the B.S.O has sacrificed nearly 100 of its members in the recent past, the organization and its members have not compromised on their ideology and national struggle. said the B.S.O hasstruggled for all oppressed nations of the world and now it has become an internationally recognized voice of the oppressed nations of the world. I congratulate all the newly selecdted members”

Published in The Baloch Hal on July 10, 2012