Frontier Corps Organizes Free Medical Camp in Panjgur

medical camp in panjgurThe Baloch Hal News

PANJGUR: The Frontier Corps (F.C.) organized a one-day long free medical camp in Panjgur district where military doctors offered free treatment and medicine to the members of the community, said a press release issued by the F.C. on Wednesday.

The F.C. release said the camp had been established on the instructions of Major General Ubaidullah Khan, the Inspector General of the Frontier Corps, as  a part of a program to assist people in need of health care in remote parts of the the province.

“More than 1200 patients were offered free medical treatment,” said the Frontier Corps, “medicines worth several hundred thousand rupees were also distributed freely among the patients.”

The F.C. said the local community members appreciated the arrangement of the free medical camp.

The camp was headed by Colonel Salaman Anwar, the commandant of F.C.’s Panjgur unit.

The F.C. has come under frequent attacks across Balochistan by Baloch armed groups. Political observers say F.C.’s premedical camps seems to be a part of a strategy to mitigate the prevailing resentment among the local Baloch population against the federal paramilitary force which has also been blamed for widespread human rights abuses in Balochistan.

“We will organize more such free medical camps in various parts of Balochistan in the future too,” pledged the F.C.

Published in The Baloch Hal on January 23, 2013